Company: Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Phone: 8179293763


Your Job Requirements: Registered/licensed dietitian Hours of Work: 8 am – 4:30 pm Days Of Week: Monday-Friday

Job Description :

Bariatric Dietitian educates patients with various nutritional needs, including bariatric, metabolic and other needs. Includes the patients, family members, and significant others in the education and care processes.

  • Assists in developing and teaching nutrition education programs on an ongoing outpatients in a medical and surgical bariatric program.
  • Serves as liaison between the consulting physician and staff regarding the education of the patient with nutritional needs.
  • Participates and promotes the interdisciplinary process regarding the patient status, and plans of care.
  • Collaborates with members of the health-care team to identify patient care needs and to assist with planning, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive care of the patient and family.
  • Conducts patient education classes and individual consults, including follow-up.
  • Handles phone inquiries as appropriate.
  • Substitutes for others on the dietary team as needed.
  • Maintains continuing education in current nutritional care, diabetes management and other programs.
  • Provides support for and assistance with hospital staff education and development, (such as continuing education and in-service education), and other patient education activities.
  • Provides patient and family teaching
  • Participates and attends community education events to promote awareness