Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Leadership

President – Sarah Ryan

President-Elect – Nikki Nies

Past President – Tracey Ledoux

Treasurer – Terry Brown

Treasurer-Elect – Iliana Guerra Martinez

Communications Chair – Adrien Paczosa

Communications Coordinator – Patricia Morrison

Communications Coordinator – Public Policy Focus Kayla Sano

Communications Coordinator – Caroline Susie

Website Coordinator – Kirstin Vollrath

Strategic Alliance Chair – Hawley Poinsett

Strategic Alliance Chair-Elect – Anna Bramanti

Public Policy Coordinator – Evan Sattem

State Policy Representative (SPR) – Agnes Blachut

State Regulatory Specialist – Deborah Johnson

Consumer Protection Coordinator – Debbie King

Nutrition Services Payment Specialist – Martha McHenry

Chair of Delegates – Andie Gonzalez

Academy Delegate – Carol Bradley

Academy Delegate – Hallie Kaplan

Nominating Chair – Alberto Garcia

Nominating Chair-Elect – Rachel Villareal

Nominating Committee – Tara Taylor

Nominating Committee – Tiffany Quevedo

Nominating Committee – Allison Kerin

Nominating Committee – Crystal Vasquez

Awards Coordinator Chair – Bridget Swinney

Awards Coordinator Elect – Julie Schwartz

Texas Academy Annual Conf Chair – Shannon Seidel

Texas Academy Annual Conf Chair – Elect Madison Moore

Annual Conf Poster Chair – Karen Beathard

CE Reviewer – Katherine Ideno

CE Reviewer – Heather Frazier

Membership and Diversity Chair – Roxana Wroblewski

NE Region Director – Carol Taylor

NO Region Director – Ashley Wilmeth

SO Region Director – Susana Sanchez

SE Region Director – Shannon Curtis

West Region Director – Carina Myatt

Texas Academy Foundation Director – Tabitha Odom