2018 Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Manual for Non-Members


The 2018 Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) Manual is a simplified and more user-friendly version of the more comprehensive TDA MNT Manual previously published. This simplified 2018 MNT Manual serves as an excellent resource for dietitians, dietary managers, and food service personnel to help prepare nutritionally appropriate menus for adult residents living in a variety of healthcare communities, including assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, and rehabilitative or transitional care facilities.

The content of the 2018 MNT Manual is still comprehensive, providing recommendations on menu planning for wellness or specific disease conditions while meeting personal and religious dietary restrictions. The format of the 2018 MNT Manual was modified to be more concise and focused, as well as to address updates in nutrition care for the adult population living in long term care.

The goal in menu planning and meal preparation for older adults is to provide appealing, cost-effective meals that increase the quality of life and enjoyment while providing optimal nutrition.

Meals should be as individualized as possible, and every effort should be made to meet personal, religious, and cultural food preferences, as well as restrictions due to allergies and intolerances.

Menus for residents with special health needs should provide meals that are well-balanced and modified to meet the unique dietary requirements of the resident. A comprehensive nutrition assessment by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD or RDN), with assistance as permissible by the NDTR, can assist in ensuring meals are nutritionally complete and comply with the diet ordered by a physician.

Special recognition should be given to members of the diet manual committee, including dietitians Cindy Wolfram, Caroline Nelson, and Karen Geismar, who volunteered their time and talents to review the 2013 edition of the MNT manual and simplified manuals produced by other groups to plan the layout and writing of this manual. Special thanks to dietitians, Karen Geismar and Sarah Ryan who volunteered their time to review the material written by Shannon Lloyd, who authored the updated chapters and appendices with the assistance of Jessica Canez, to provide a more consistent writing style.