Embracing Diversity: The Cultural Spectrum in the Field of Dietetics

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5.5 CEUs

Shannon Curtis, MS, RDN, LD and Maria Grazia Di Fabio
Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Regional Updates

Cynthia Yoon, PhD, RDN
Dietary and Eating Behaviors among Racially and Ethnically Diverse College Students: Findings from Research on Eating, Activity, and Community Health (REACH) Pilot Study.

Samina Qureshi, RDN, LD
A Diverse Gut Microbiome: Encouraging Diversity of Foods to Support Your Gut Health.

Kamran Khan, RD, LD
The Impact of Eurocentrism on Male Body Image Standards and Eating Habits.

Ramiro Saavedra, MS, RD, CSR, LD
The Renal Diet, Plant Based Eating and Strategies For Long Term Success.

Sarah Ryan, MS, RDN, LD
Legislative Update for Nutrition Professionals

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