Lamar Consolidated ISD – Child Nutrition Department

Position Offered
Assistant Director of Planning (Menu)

Job Description 
Responsible for planning menus in accordance with the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program Guidelines. Performs nutrition analysis on all recipes and menus to determine nutritional adequacy, allergy training for staff and adherence to guidelines. Responsible for administering and upgrading software for menu planning, inventory, ordering and production records. Oversee and backup ordering of groceries and inventories.


Major Responsibilities and Duties

  • Food/Menus
    • Plan monthly menus that meet nutritional requirements, USDA and TDA regulations, and are financially sound and well accepted by customers.
    • Monitor inventory at district warehouse and plan menus to utilize commodities in a timely manner.
    • Prepare monthly production records for all schools.
    • Forecast yearly food purchases for commodities and non-commodity items.
    • Assist ordering weekly commodity products.
    • Arrange testing and evaluation of potential new food items/recipes in the office and for students.
    • Create, enter and update recipes in PrimeroEdge software.
    • Create, enter and update inventory items in the PrimeroEdge software.
    • Authorize substitutes made by grocery supplier and campuses.
    • Approve all foods made available for sale ala carte and vending.
    • Make routine visits to cafeterias and closely monitor the school meal program to ensure compliance with rules and regulations governing the National School Breakfast and Lunch programs.
    • Provide support to cafeteria managers and employees.
    • Help supervise food production, quality and portion control.
    • Help train Child Nutrition employees in recordkeeping required for compliance.
    • Help train Child Nutrition employees in food safety and sanitation.
    • Promote innovation in Child Nutrition operations.
  • Nutrition Information/Education
    • Review all documents and maintain database on student allergies/disabilities.
    • Provide allergen training to Child Nutrition staff and nurses.
    • Provide allergen information on district website.
    • Approve necessary dietary accommodations, and consult with managers, nurses and parents.
    • Provide data on carbohydrate counts, calories and product ingredients to nursing staff and parents as requested.
    • Update Child Nutrition web page with nutrition information as needed.
    • Coordinate nutrition education conducted through the Child Nutrition Department.
    • Provide nutrition articles for the Child Nutrition web page.
    • Assist with bidding and purchasing of food and supplies.

Additional Duties

  • Maintain and upgrade software system including menu planner, ordering, inventory and production records.
    Oversee and backup all grocery orders.
  • Maintain all order guides.
  • Maintain price/pack lists throughout the year and distribute to managers as needed.
  • Supervise caterings.
  • Serve as public relations contact for Child Nutrition Department and manage social media accounts.
  • Participate in interviewing, screening, recommending and evaluating personnel.
  • Assist in the direction and management of the district’s Child Nutrition programs.
  • Use information and insight provided through feedback from principals, teachers, students, parents and administrators to help determine program needs.
  • Attend professional growth activities to keep abreast of innovative techniques for Child Nutrition operations.
  • Attend professional growth activities to keep abreast of innovative techniques for food service operations.
  • Assist with commodity planning and ordering.
  • Attendance at work is an essential function.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Child Nutrition Director or designee.