Company: University Health System

Phone: 210-358-4000

Position Offered: Clinical Dietitians

Job Description:


  • To serve as a model of excellence in nutrition knowledge and diabetes care. Communicates regularly with the diabetes health care team and others to facilitate collaborative planning for the treatment and follow-up of patients with nutrition related disorders including diabetes.
  • Collaborates with community partners and the health care team in identifying educational and medical needs of people with diabetes and other nutrition related conditions.
  • Ensures that clients receive appropriate referrals for the continuing care and prevention of long-term complications associated with diabetes.
  • Participates in outreach programs and activities including support groups, screenings, training programs and the development of educational material.



  • A Bachelor’s degree in nutrition or related field is required, plus completion of either an American Dietetic Association (ADA)-approved dietetic internship or a program in hospital dietetics approved by the ADA.
  • Must be a Registered Dietitian.
  • Three years of related experience as a clinical dietitian is preferred.
  • Bilingual capabilities (English/Spanish) preferred.



Must possess a current license from the Texas State Board of Examiners of Dietitians

Please send resumes to