News from Your Delegate: Please Complete Survey by September 15!

Time for an update from your elected Texas Academy Delegates!

You may or may not have heard that the Academy Board of Directors has proposed a change in the structure for the organization’s governance (please review this information from the Academy’s website).

First, we are currently preparing for our House of Delegates Fall Meeting. This virtual meeting will be on September 17th and 18th. The topic of conversation and deliberation will be the governance change proposal and the proposal for the change of Bylaws. To help us prepare for the House of Delegates (HOD) meeting, please complete this very brief survey (only 2 questions!) with your comments. The survey must be completed by September 15th. (Note: This is the same survey that was included in the August newsletter with an extended deadline). All answers will be anonymous. Thank you if you provided feedback directly to the Academy. By completing this survey as well, your delegates will know specifically how the Texas membership feels about this proposal.

As a reminder, the proposed Bylaw change includes moving the ability to amend the Bylaws from the HOD to the Academy Board of Directors. The 45-day comment period from Academy members ended on July 31st. The Academy received 1939 responses with 80% opposed to the proposed change and 20% in favor. A summary of member comments/concerns include:

Opposition Comments:
1. The proposed change is viewed as a consolidation of power.
2. Lack of support for the proposed governance changes do not support the proposed bylaws amendment for fear that the BOD will go ahead and amend the bylaws to institute the proposed governance changes (i.e., eliminate the HOD).
3. Concern about loss of dialogue with constituents before votes on bylaws changes.
4. View the BOD and HOD as a system of “checks and balances” so concerned that the bylaws could be changed without the necessary “checks and balances” via the HOD.
5. All members should vote on bylaws changes.
6. Disagree with interpretation of Illinois law.
Supportive Comments:
1. Aligns with Illinois laws and the fiduciary responsibilities of the BOD.
2. Aligns with the defined role of the BOD to govern the association and aligns with defined roles of the BOD and the HOD.
3. More efficient to make changes.
4. Aligns with best practices.
We will schedule a Town Hall meeting following the HOD meeting in early October to inform you of the outcomes. Stay tuned!
We are honored to serve you.

Karen S. Geismar, MS, RDN, LD, Chair of Delegates

Andie Gonzales, PhD, MPH, RDN, LD, FAND, Delegate 1

Carol Bradley, PhD, RDN, BCBA, LD, FAND, Delegate 2

Delegates Corner

Your Academy Delegates from Texas are part of the Academy’s House of Delegates and are your voice upward. The House of Delegates (HOD) focuses on critical issues that:

  • Align with and support the strategic plan and impact goals.
  • Have importance across multiple discipline areas.
  • May impact practice areas, or specialized or subsets of practice areas.
  • Have a long, short or immediate impact on our profession.

Leadership from the House of Delegates also works to empower the profession by embracing its values, developing a progressive culture, and working toward a more diverse organization.

The Academy implements strategic planning and changes through policies, actions and composition to embody the vision and voice of its members. The Board of Directors governs the Academy, and Academy staff implement decisions.

Delegates assist in governing the profession and developing policy on major professional issues. This fiscal year, the HOD is focusing on Systems Approach to Nutrition and Health Equity.

“You, our Texas Academy members, spoke and … we listened!”

Meet the three Texas Academy Delegates who represent you in the Academy House of Delegates!

Carol Bradley, PhD

Carol Bradley, PhD


Karen Geismar

Karen Geismar


Andie Gonzalez

Andie Gonzalez


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